Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch

Densitron’s Ocular Crystal Touch: This line of projected capacitive touch panels give products a competitive advantage with its clean look and true multi-touch interface.

Featuring an all glass construction, they provide maximum optical clarity, do not lose shape or deform over time and expand the lifespan of a product due to its increased durability. Made from capacitive glass, the all-glass construction provides a smooth surface that can withstand a wide range of temperatures: operating temperature ranges from -20° to 70°C and storage temperature is from -30° to 80°C. The all glass construction also provides a more durable product.

In addition to harsh environments, Crystal Touch panels are ruggedized and can handle abrasive cleaners, preventing any damage that may be caused if interaction with harsh chemicals occurs. This ultra-rugged panel is scratch resistant and can be an upgrade to products currently using a resistive touch interface or a single touch projected capacitive panel.

Projected Capacitive Coupling provided by Crystal Touch has a high resolution of 4096 x 4096, a fast sampling rate of 100 Hz, (10 ms per scan), auto calibration and is not restricted to just fingers; panels will also work with a tethered stylus.

Completely integrated display units are available combining these exceptional touch panels with our latest Industrial TFT displays.

Summary of Benefits:
  • Stands up abrasive cleaners
  • Scratch resistant
  • Maximal optical clarity
  • No deformations over time
  • No deformations due to temperature
  • Works with hands or stylus
  • High resolution
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Auto calibration
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Part number Size
Interface Simultaneous
Operating Temp
F043-00224-000 4.3 109x67x1.6 USB 10.00 -30 to 70
F043-00224-100 4.3 109x67x1.6 I2C 10.00 -30 to 70
F070-0348E-000 7.0 165x104x1.6 USB 16.00 -30 to 70
F070-0348E-100 7.0 165x104x1.6 I2C 16.00 -30 to 70
F101-0768E-000 10.1 241x150x1.6 USB 16.00 -30 to 70
F101-0768E-100 10.1 242x150x1.6 I2C 16.00 -30 to 70
F104-01386-000 10.4 228.5x172.7x1.6 USB 16.00 -30 to 70
F104-01386-100 10.4 228.5x172.7x1.6 I2C 16.00 -30 to 70
F156-01386-000 15.6 365.8x217.9x1.8 USB 16.00 -30 to 70
F156-01386-100 15.6 365.8x217.9x1.8 I2C 16.00 -30 to 70
F170-1716E-000 17.0 400x258x2.6 USB 16.00 -30 to 70
F170-1716E-100 17.0 401x258x2.3 I2C 16.00 -30 to 70

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