Glass Resistive Touch Screen Sensor

A layer that can store an electrical charge is created on the glass panel.

5 Wire Glass Film Glass Analogue Resistive Touch Panels for superior durability and reliability:

  • 7 Mohs hard glass cover lens vastly improves reliability
  • Drift free – repeated calibration unnecessary

Extraordinary combination of traditional resistive touch with the addition of a glass cover lens offfers and extremely cost competitive hardened sensor for use with a gloved hand, wet or harsh working environment or a passive stylus is required.

Summary of Benefits:
  • Works with THICK gloves
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Works with Passive Stylus
  • Strong Rain and Salt Water Resistant
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Part number Size Dimension
Active Area
Screen treatment Connector
DTS416-0570-1F SERIES 5.70 135x101x1.87 117x88 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-0650-0F SERIES 6.50 153x118x1.75 133.08x99.96 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-0700-0F SERIES 7.00 170.1x106.3x1.62 155x92.7 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-0700-1F SERIES 7.00 166.5x104x1.8 152.4x91.44 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-0840-0F SERIES 8.40 186.9x142.3x2.5 171.4x128.8 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-1040-0F SERIES 10.40 228.7x173.4x2.47 211.58x158.75 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-1040-1F SERIES 10.40 225.8x174.3x1.67 211.2x158.4 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-1210-0F SERIES 12.10 271.27x205.74x2.47 248.87x187.4 Glass To Glass SIP
DTS416-1210-1F SERIES 12.10 261.8x198.8x2.47 246.8x185.5 Glass To Glass SIP

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