5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

5 Wire resistive touch screens have been developed for the harshest environments in mind, where durability, reliability and longer lifetime are a priority.

They deliver drift-free operation (repeated calibration unnecessary) as well as being more durable in high temperature and high humidity environment than 4 wire resistive touch screens. 5 wire resistive touch screens are best suited for POS, industrial, medical, and transportation applications and sizes above 10.4”.

Glass on Glass Technology
The solid structure available in 5.7″ is capable of providing high transmittance optical performance, resisting deterioration caused by UV illumination, withstanding high temperature and high humidity environments over a long period of time and has excellent material performance in anti-abrasion.

Film to Glass Technology
Where thicker and more stable backers are required, two flexible polyester films are used to create the touch sensor, which are then bonded to glass.

Summary of Benefits:
  • Drift free – repeated calibration unnecessary
  • Design structure is more durable than 4 wire resistive
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Part number Size Dimension
Active Area
Screen treatment Connector
DTS410-0640-0EG-000 6.40 150x115.5x1.4 130.6x98.4 Antiglare SIP
DTS410-0700-0EG-000 7.00 170.1x106.3x1.4 154.4x92.1 Antiglare SIP
DTS410-0840-0EG-000 8.40 196.09x149.86x2.2 171.4x128.8 Antiglare SIP
DTS410-1040-0EG-000 10.40 248.92x186.69x2.2 215.9x163.83 Antiglare SIP
DTS410-1040-1EG-000 10.40 228.7x173.4x2.2 211.58x158.75 Antiglare SIP

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