4 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

4 Wire Resistive Touch Screens from Densitron transform a display into an interactive interface. By matching our standard displays with the technology of analog resistive touch screens we have developed innovative and integrated display interface products.

4 Wire resistive touch technology is the entry level and low cost touch solution. It is the ideal choice for light industrial, portable medical and access control terminal applications where narrow border width, less weight and low power consumption are a priority. 4 wire touch screens are best suited for screens smaller than 10,4’’.

Film to Glass Technology
Where thicker and more stable backers are required, two flexible polyester films are used to create the touch sensor, which are then bonded to either glass, polycarbonate or acrylic depending on application. These other materials are suitable for environments where glass can be a problem, e.g., the food industry, or for use in vandal-proof products.

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Part number Size Dimension
Active Area
Screen treatment Connector
DTS408-0280-00 2.80 70x55x1.4 58x44 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0280-01 2.80 67.6x50.1x1.4 57.59x40.19 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0380-00 3.80 91x72x0.95 79x58 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0380-01 3.80 92.5x68x0.95 78.9x53.3 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0390-00 3.90 69.4x89.4x1 59.58x79.5 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0390-01 3.90 90.3x70.1x0.95 74x55.6 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0470-00 4.70 110.6x89.5x1.4 98x74 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0500-00 5.00 119.1x91.2x1.4 102.7x75.5 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0580-00 5.80 138x108x1.3 116x87 Antiglare SIP
DTS408-0580-01 5.80 140x105x1.4 117.1x88.6 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0640-00 6.40 153x126.5x1.4 130.6x97 Antiglare SIP
DTS408-0650-00 6.50 155x89.2x1.4 141.5x76.9 Antiglare SIP
DTS408-0700-00 7.00 166x102x1.5 154.5x87.5 Antiglare FPC
DTS408-0800-00 8.00 182.5x141x1.4 161.5x120 Antiglare SIP
DTS408-0840-00 8.40 208x152x2.3 171x128 Antiglare SIP
DTS408-1040-00 10.40 237x180x2.3 212.3x159.5 Antiglare SIP

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