Touch Screens

Densitron’s Complete Line of Touch Screen Technology.

Densitron’s extensive Line of touch screens include the cost effective Digitouch™ 4 wire resistive touch and 5 wire resistive touch in film to glass as well as the Densitouch™ technologies of Surface Acoustic Wave, Capacitive and our NEW ITO metal frame PCT and Wire PCT Projected Capacitive are designed specifically to offer an exceptional range of options to our display customer.

Coupled with our wide range of display technology and engineering expertise we are positioned to assist you with your next touch screen project.

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Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch - Densitron's Ocular Crystal Touch: This line of projected capacitive touch panels give products a competitive advantage with its clean look and true multi-touch interface.

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Industrial Projective Capacitive Touch Screen Panels: The « wire » technology employed for this generation is unique and offers significant benefits to traditional users of resistive, capacitive and SAW technologies.

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4 Wire Resistive Touch Panels: 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screens from Densitron transform a display into an interactive interface. By matching our standard displays with the technology of analog resistive touch screens we have developed innovative and integrated display interface products.

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5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels: 5 Wire resistive touch screens have been developed for the harshest environments in mind, where durability, reliability and longer lifetime are a priority.

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Glass Resistive Touch Screen Sensor: A layer that can store an electrical charge is created on the glass panel. 5 Wire Glass Film Glass Analogue Resistive Touch Panels for superior durability and reliability.

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