UART and MPU interface TFT

Why UART and MPU interface TFT?

Driver Software and interfacing are the biggest challenges when migrating from Passive LCDs to TFTs.

Most LCDs come with an 8-bit MPU Interface, whereas TFTs are more likely to have a Parallel RGB interface with additional control signals.

Densitron’s UART & MPU TFTs house a controller IC, which receives commands over the above interfaces. These commands are then translated to the required data and control Signals and sent to the TFT. This presents the user with a more familiar interface and simplified SW requirements, reducing development time and cost.

  • Well suited to low volume designs
  • Technical support included
  • A number of sizes and resolutions available

Densitron offers supporting accessories, such as driving cards, single board computers & inverters, for its TFT ranges.

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Part number Size
LMR48875EW640G480WR 5.7 640x480 500 UART
LMR48877EW800G480WR 7.0 800x480 400 UART
LMR48889EW800G600WR 10.4 800x600 400 UART
TSR40838EW320G240WR 5.7 320x240 360 MPU 68xx/ 80xx
TSR48875EW640G480WR 5.7 640x480 500 UART
TSR48877EW800G480WR 7.0 800x480 400 UART
TSR48879EW800G600SR 8.0 800x480 240 UART
TSR48889EW800G600WR 10.4 800x600 400 UART

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