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RipDraw GUI Development Tools and Product Suite

The new RipDraw™ introduction includes the worldwide launch of Densitron’s Cloud GUI Design Computing Web Portal. The portal enhances customers’ ability to rapidly prototype world class GUI designs for TFT projects. Not only does the portal include a 7 layer intuitive WYSIWYG Drawing tool, it also comes fully populated with over 8,000 copyrighted royalty-free images for customers to use with the RipDraw™ TFT product line. This removes the barrier most mid-market customers confront if they lack the art department to fully utilize a TFT display.

This coupled with the release of the RipDraw™ TFT emulator and initial release of the RipDraw™ 7” WVGA IPS 1024 x 600 « GPU assisted » or « HDMI Interface » TFT display greatly reduces time to market and results in extraordinary cost effective GUI solutions for our customers. Many GUI suites provided from Display Manufacturers focus on their hardware. The RipDraw™ Cloud Portal is novel in that it focuses more closely on the critical graphic content and use case development.

GUI Development Tools


Storyboard Emulator Tools


SMART TFT Product Line


Why add a rich color TFT if you cannot successfully leverage its graphic capabilities. Why not leverage the 8,000 copyrighted but royalty free images in RipDraw™. Modify or add to your project set as needed. For further information contact us!

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