DET Industrial TFT Displays

These affordable TFT displays are available with various options, and many of them are software, hardware and mechanically compatible with Seiko Instruments’ (SII) discontinued TFTs.

Reading a colour TFT in high ambient lighting is always a challenge. Potential solutions are designing the housing to shield the display from sunlight or using a transflective display. The disadvantages of these options are with a modified housing it makes it difficult to read from all areas due to the shielding and with transflective types they are higher cost and also not so readable in low ambient conditions. The third solution is to use a high brightness LED backlight.

Densitron has produced a range of popular sized TFTs with a number of different brightness backlights to achieve maximum readability for your chosen design.

These TFTs are STANDARD parts and are available with various options:

  • Up to 1000cd brightness
  • High Contrast – crisp image
  • 2.4″ – 10.1″
  • TTL or LVDS interface
  • Timing-Controller
  • DC/DC circuit enabling single voltage supply

Densitron also offers a wide range of TFT accessories, such as driving cards, and touchscreen plus controller.

Adding a Touch Screen to Your Display

We are able to offer a bonding service of the touch sensor to the display in cleanroom conditions. Once you have chosen a suitable Densitron display for your application, why not take a look at our touch screens to see how they can enhance your product’s user-friendliness and appeal?

TFT LCDs can be used for almost any possible type of application due to versatility of their features.

Densitron-Exclusive Drop-In Replacements for Seiko TFTs

Current users of the recently discontinued Seiko Instruments (SII) TFT displays will be pleased to know that Densitron is developing a range of industrial grade TFTs that can be used as drop-in replacements for the obsolete parts. These Densitron-exclusive models are introduced as new additions to the DET range, covering the entire existing SII display range of sizes between 2” and 7”, with resistive touch versions available. Please see product table below for more information.
Part number format: « DET + Seiko model number »

Click the heading below to sort the products in either ascending or descending order.
Part number Size
DET035QVNCNT0-1A 3.5 320x240 300 8 bit CPU
DET035QVNCRSS-1A 3.5 320x240 250 8 bit CPU
DET043QQHTNT0-1A 4.3 480x272 1000 24 bit RGB
DET043QQNCNTO-1A 4.3 480x272 500 8 bit CPU
DET043QQNCRSS-1A 4.3 480x272 400 8 bit CPU
DET057VGHLNT0-1A 5.7 640x480 900 18 bit LVDS
DET057VGHLRSS-1A 5.7 640x480 700 18 bit LVDS
DET057VGHTNT0-1A 5.7 640x480 900 16 bit RGB
DET057VGHTRSS-1A 5.7 640x480 700 18 bit RGB
DET070WVHLNT0-1A 7.0 800x480 1000 18 bit LVDS
DET070WVHLRSS-1A 7.0 800x480 800 18 bit LVDS
DET070WVHTNT0-1A 7.0 800x480 1000 18 bit RGB
DET070WVHTRSS-1A 7.0 800x480 800 18 bit RGB
DET101WSHLNT0-1B 10.1 1024x600 1000 18 bit LVDS
DET101WSNLNT0-1B 10.1 1024x600 550 18 bit LVDS
DET24QVF1H-B 2.4 240x320 350 8/9/16/18 bit CPU
DET24QVF1J-B 2.4 240x320 300 8/9/16/18 bit CPU
DET24QVF2H-B 2.4 240x320 350 18 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET24QVF2J-B 2.4 240x320 300 18 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET28QVF1H 2.8 240x320 350 8/9/16/18 bit CPU
DET28QVF1J 2.8 240x320 300 8/9/16/18 bit CPU
DET28QVF2H 2.8 240x320 350 18 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET28QVF2J 2.8 240x320 300 18 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET35QVW1H 3.5 320x240 450 24 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET35QVW1T 3.5 320x240 350 24 bit RGB (+SPI)
DET43WQW4H 4.3 480x272 400 24 bit RGB
DET43WQW4T 4.3 480x272 320 24 bit RGB
DET70WVW1A 7.0 800x480 450 24 bit RGB
DET70WVW1T 7.0 800x480 360 24 bit RGB
DET70WVW2A 7.0 800x480 450 18 bit RGB
DET70WVW2T 7.0 800x480 360 18 bit RGB
DET70WVW3A 7.0 800x480 350 18 bit RGB
DET70WVW3T 7.0 800x480 280 18 bit RGB

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