CMI TFT Displays

CMI is one of the leading TFT manufacturers in the world.

CMI has developed a range of industrial TFT panels that are brighter, easier to see from wider viewing angles and rugged enough to operate reliably under severe conditions. Therefore these displays are perfect for multimedia, advertising and POS applications even outdoors.

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Part number Size
G070Y2-L01 7.0 800x480 500 6/8 bit 1 ch LVDS
G070Y2-T02 7.0 800x480 500 6/8 bit 1ch TTL
G070Y3-T01 7.0 800x480 600 TTL
G080Y1-T01 8.0 800x480 600 8 bit Digital RGB
G104S1-L01 10.4 800x600 400 6/8 bit 1ch LVDS
G104V1-T03 10.4 640x480 500 TTL
G104X1-L03 10.4 1024x768 350 8 bit 1 ch LVDS
G104X1-L04 10.4 1024x768 500 6/8 bit 1ch LVDS
G121I1-L01 12.1 1280x800 400 6/8 bit 1ch LVDS
G121S1-L02 12.1 800x600 600 6/8 bit 1ch LVDS
G121X1-L03 12.1 1024x768 600 LVDS
G121X1-L04 12.1 800x600 400 6/8 bit 1 ch LVDS
G133IGE-L03 13.3 1280x800 500 6/8 bit 1 ch LVDS
G150XGE-L04 15.0 1024x768 400 6/8 bit 1 ch LVDS
G154I1-LE1 15.4 1280x800 450 6/8 bit 1 ch LVDS

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