Optical Bonding

Solisbond® Optical Bonding – A Custom Engineered Solution

Solisbond®, Densitron’s optical bonding service, offers optically bonded engineered solutions created in our new class 10,000 clean room bonding facility. Solisbond® optical bonding can be tailored to each specific display, cover lens and touchscreen combination. We will advise our customers on the design of the cover lens, helping with the selection of the right material, treatment and printing process. We can also manufacture the cover lenses to request and provide a suitable display and touchscreen combinations. Solisbond® bonded displays can be customized to meet automotive, high humidity and marine standards (-30C to +85C). Environmental testing and tolerance analysis are for us an obvious standard. Documentation for the tests and calculations are of course also available.

Optical Benefits – Sunlight Readability
  • Reduced reflectance (typically 13.5% reduced to <.2% *).
  • Increased contrast ratio in high ambient light environment (typical 2:1 improves to 68:1 **).
  • Eliminate « wash-out » effect.
  • Improve Clarity and reduce « sparkles ».
  • Improve backlight brightness transmittance.
  • Reduces parallax error.

* Assumes a properly coated AR front cover lens.
** Contrast ratio may very depending on material property of each layer.

Mechanical Benefits – Vandal Resistance and Durability
  • Improved impact absorption (includes shock protection).
  • Provide better adhesion between display and touch screen.
  • Prevents water condensation between cover lens (or touch screen) and display.
  • Eliminates the « greenhouse effect ».
  • Eliminates « pooling ».
  • Allows for « over-frame » bezel designs.

Test Results
  • Solisbond® can withstand temperature ranges between -40C to +200C.
  • It does not suffer from the UV effects, so it doesn’t become brittle or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

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