Monochrome Graphic

LCD Modules from Densitron offer the widest, most comprehensive choice of formats to fit your mechanical and optical requirements.

More than 25 different LCD Module formats – NEW FFSTN Negative Mode Ultrabight Family, Standard backlight options of low-power electroluminescent, high-brightness EcoBright™ non-powered backlight by special order, LED or CFL backlights, low profile edge light options for thinner displays.

LCD Modules are available with more than 40.000 different LCD Module combinations. We have the display for your application. If we haven’t, we can always offer a full or semi custom LCD Module to you!

Typical Graphic LCD Module example projects include – Rack mounted server, instruments, portable monitoring and measuring devices, multilingual instrumentation and medical monitoring equipment.

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Part number Size
Package mode
CG5343B128G64SF 1.60 128x64 40.6x35.1x4.2 COG
F-51851 0.00 64x240 135.2x51.7 COG
F-51852 0.00 64x128 89.7x49.8 COG
F-51854 0.00 160x128 129.0x102.0 COG
LER4328 3.00 128x64 87x71x15.6 SMT
LM40336 3.20 90x240 94x40x5.4 COB
LM4055 5.60 240x320 173x109.9x16 SMT
LM4066 5.60 240x320 166.8x109x11 SMT
LM4270 5.10 64x240 180x65x16 COB
LM4769 5.60 240x320 154.79x120.24x15.6 TAB
LM4866 0.00 320x240 166.8x109.0 SMT
LM4869 0.00 320x240 148.02x120.24 SMT
LM6066 5.60 240x320 166.8x109x11 TAB
LM6729 4.80 128x240 144x104x13.6 SMT
LM6769 5.60 240x320 154.79x120.24x15.6 TAB
LMR3234 0.00 240x128 144.0x104.0 SMT
LMR37338 1.70 128x128 36.3x73.2x2.1 COG
LMR42315 5.10 240x128 144x104x18.4 COB
LMR4234 4.80 128x240 144x104x14.3 SMT
LMR4755 5.60 240x320 165.5x109x17 SMT
LMR4836 3.20 160x160 74.5x70.5x14.6 SMT
LMR4855 6.00 240x320 165x109x18.2 SMT
LMR5407-SERIES 1.23 128x64 35x17.14x4.8 TAB
LMR5413BW240G128WF 3.00 240x128 85x55x6.5 COG
LMR5413E-SERIES 3.00 240x128 85x55x6.5 COG
LMR5413MW240G128WF 3.00 240x128 85x55x6.5 COG
LMR5414EW320G240DNB 5.70 320x240 160x109x11 COB
LMR5428-SERIES 3.40 240x64 101.3x34x8 COG
LMR5429-SERIES 3.40 240x64 85x40x8 COG
LMR5430-SERIES 3.40 256x70 101.1x34.0x8.0 COG
LMR62315 5.10 240x128 144x104x18.4 COB
LMR6234 4.80 128x240 144x104x14.3 SMT
LMR6855 6.00 240x320 173x109x17 SMT
LMRD3165 3.50 128x128 88x88x13.8 SMT
LMRD3265 3.50 128x128 88x88x15.8 SMT
LMRD3287 4.30 240x64 154x57x14.9 SMT
LMRD4165 3.50 128x128 88x88x17.2 SMT
LMRD4228 2.60 64x128 87x71x17.6 SMT
LMRD4265 3.50 128x128 88x88x21.3 SMT
LMRD4287 4.30 240x64 154x57x20.9 SMT
LWM12232A 0.00 122x32 84.0x44.0 COB
LWM12232B 0.00 122x32 65.4x29.1 COB
LWM12232D 0.00 122x32 59.0x29.3 COB
LWM12232E 0.00 122x32 80.0x36.0 COB
LWM128128A 0.00 128x128 85.0x100.0 SMT
LWM128128B 0.00 128x128 72.5x69.9 COB
LWM12864A 0.00 128x64 93.0x70.0 COB
LWM12864B 0.00 128x64 75.0x52.7 COB
LWM12864C 0.00 128x64 78.0x70.0 COB
LWM12864D 0.00 128x64 78.0x70.0 SMT
LWM12864F 0.00 128x64 87.0x70.0 COB
LWM160128B 0.00 160x128 129.0x102.0 SMT
LWM160128E 0.00 160x128 129.0x102.0 SMT
LWM160160A 0.00 160x160 89.2x85.0 SMT
LWM160160B 0.00 160x160 85.0x100.0 COB
LWM16032A 0.00 160x32 85.2x55.0 COB
LWM16080A 0.00 160x80 93.2x70.0 COB
LWM20232A 0.00 202x32 146.0x43.0 COB
LWM240128A 0.00 240x128 170x103.5 SMT
LWM240128B 0.00 240x128 144.0x104.0 SMT
LWM240128D 0.00 240x128 144.0x104.0 COB
LWM240128E 0.00 240x128 144.0x104.0 SMT
LWM240128L 0.00 240x128 150.0x82.0 SMT
LWM24064A 5.10 240x64 180.0x65.0 SMT
LWM320240D 0.00 320x240 142.0x96.0 COB
LWX320240A 0.00 320x240 92.2x73.3 TAB
LWX320240C 0.00 320x240 94.7x71.7 TAB
LWX320240D 0.00 320x240 94.7x71.7 TAB
LWX320240F 0.00 320x240 94.7x71.7 TAB
TS4055 6.00 240x320 173x109x20.2 SMT
TS4769 5.60 240x320 154.79x120.24x15.6 TAB
TS6055 6.00 240x320 165.5x109x19 SMT
TS6769 5.60 240x320 154.79x120.24x15.6 TAB
TSR42315 4.80 240x128 144x104x18.4 COB
TSR4234 4.80 128x240 144x104x14.3 COB
TSR4836 3.20 160x160 74.5x70.5x16.9 SMT
TSR4855 6.00 240x320 165.5x109x20.2 SMT
TSR62315 4.80 240x128 144x104x17.4 COB
TSR6234 4.80 128x240 144x104x14.3 SMT
TSR6855 6.00 240x320 173x109x20.2 SMT

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