Alphanumeric Displays

More than 25 different alphanumeric types give you plenty to chose from 1×8 to 4×40 character displays – Standard backlight options of low-power electroluminescent, high-brightness EcoBrightTM non-powered backlight by special order, LED or CFL backlights, low profile edge light options for thinner displays.

Alphanumeric DisplaysStandard or wide-temperature (-20°C to +70°C) operation. All parts include an HD44780 compatible controller which can be ordered in either: Standard, European, Cyrillic, Russian, or Greek font options.

With more than 40,000 different combinations in our regular range, we have the display for your application. If we haven’t, we can always fully or semi custom them for you! Typical applications include – Rack mounted server and instruments, portable monitoring and measuring devices, multilingual instrumentation and medical monitoring equipment.

If you are looking for a spec that is not listed below, please contact your local sales office.
Note: some parts have special order conditions, please check with your local sales office.

For an alternative « Brillant Monochrome Color technology IncludingTouch » using negative mode displays in hot new color, for more information please contact your local sales office.

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Part number Size
Package mode
LM2457 4.89 4x40 190x54x11.3 SMT
LM4145 4.02 4x20 77x47x11 SMT
LM4780-FR 14.55 40x2 285x56x13 SMT
LM4790-FR 14.55 40x4 280x88x13 SMT
LMR2048 2.95 2x16 74x19.5x5.3 COB
LMR2053 2.95 2x20 89x21.5x5.3 COB
LMR4022 5.55 2x16 85x36x12.5 SMT
LMR4048 2.95 2x16 74x19.5x7.8 COB
LMR4053 2.95 2x20 89x24x7.8 COB
LMR4070 5.55 2x8 58x32x13 COB
LMR4222 2.95 2x16 85x36x14.2 COB
LMR4422 5.55 2x16 85x36x14.2 SMT
LMR4790 14.51 4x40 280x88x16.3 SMT
LMR5401EW2C40WF 5.55 2x40 182x33.5x13.6 COB
LMR5421EW2C16WF 2.95 2x16 87.25x27.2x5.1 COG
LR2016 5.55 2x16 84x44x10.7 COB
LR2020 5.95 1x16 80x36x10.5 COB
LR2022 0.55 2x16 85x36x10.1 COB
LR2128 9.66 1x16 122.2x33.2x11.3 COB
LR2218 5.55 2x40 182x33.6x10.6 COB
LR2227 5.55 2x24 118x36x10.7 COB
LR2230 8.06 2x16 122x44x11.3 COB
LR2434 4.75 4x20 98.8x60.2x11.3 COB
LR3020 5.95 1x16 80x36x10.5 COB
LR4000 4.75 2x16 80x36x11.8 COB
LR40201 5.82 2x16 79.2x30.7x7.8 COB
LR4216 5.55 2x16 84x44x14 COB
LR4218 5.55 2x40 182x33.6x14 COB
LR4220 5.95 1x16 80x36x15 COB
LR4305 9.66 2x20 180x40x16.7 COB
LR4416 4.75 4x16 87x60.2x14 COB
LR4434 0.55 4x20 98.8x60.2x12.8 COB
LR4821 4.75 4x20 98.8x60.2x14.6 COB
LR4828 9.66 1x16 122.2x33.2x14.9 COB
LR4830 9.66 2x16 122x44x14.6 COB
LWM0802A 5.55 8x2 58x32x13 COB
LWM1202A 5.55 12x2 55.7x32x13 COB
LWM1601A 5.55 16x1 80x36x13 COB
LWM1601L 8.06 16x1 122x33x13 COB
LWM1602A 5.55 16x2 84x44x13 COB
LWM1602B 5.55 16x2 80x36x13 COB
LWM1602C 5.55 16x2 85x36x13 COB
LWM1602D 5.55 16x2 85x30x13 COB
LWM1602L 9.66 16x2 122x44x13 COB
LWM1604A 5.55 16x4 87x66x13 COB
LWM2002A 5.55 20x2 116x37x13 COB
LWM2002L 9.66 20x2 180x40x13 COB
LWM2004A-B 5.55 20x4 98x60.6x13 COB
LWM2004D 5.55 20x4 77x47x13 COB
LWM2004L 9.22 20x4 146x62.5x13 COB
LWM2402A 5.55 24x2 118x36x13 COB
LWM4002A 5.55 40x2 182x33.5x13 COB
LWM4004A 5.55 40x4 190x54x13 COB
LYR28202 7.90 1x16 80x36x11 COB
LYR28206 5.55 2x16 80x36x11 COB
LYR48202 7.90 1x16 80x36x14 COB
LYR48204 9.55 2x16 122x44x15 COB
LYR48205 5.55 2x16 84x44x15 COB
LYR48206 5.55 2x16 80x36x14 COB
LYR48208 5.55 2x20 116x37x15 COB
LYR48210 4.75 4x20 98x60x14 COB
LYR48212 5.55 2x40 182x33.5x15 COB

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