E-Paper Support Electronics

In order to drive or integrate an E-Paper display into your design, there are a number of electronic subsystems required.

The minimum requirements are:

Picture Generator (PG) : For generating display data on a serial interface (I2C) to the display, based on data received (bitmap) via USB.

Timing controller (TCON) : Generates from a single supply voltage, all the required voltages and current profile for the display during updates.

System Integration – we can provide standard TCON and PG boards for each display or work with you to integrate this functionality into your design.

EDS Services
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronic design
  • Prototyping

We cover the complete product development cycle, working with you to define your requirements, create working prototypes, and supporting you through the manufacturing process.

Our engineers and project managers will act as your trusted advisor and help you select the most adequate display technology and system topology.

PRINCE ideologies ensure that your deliverables are delivered on time and to the right quality, with clear, concise processes and documentation offering traceability.

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