E-Paper Displays

E-Paper Displays – Retain an image with no power.

E-Paper or E-Ink Displays were developed for creating electronic books, newspapers; they can retain contents for years without using any power but can be updated fast and easy. They are designed to be sunlight readable and with a very wide viewing angle.

These characteristics provide a basis for other applications where power availability is limited and periodical or random update is required. If you are looking for a spec that is not listed below, please contact your local sales office.

Key features
  • Powerless image retention
  • Sunlight Readable
  • 1.1 Mm Thickness
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Lightweight
  • Good Contrast Ratio
  • Monochrome


ECO-Sign E-Paper ECO-Sign E-Paper Click here to learn more

Application including
  • Shelf labelling
  • Security Tags
  • Advertising Boards
  • Direction Signs
  • Energy Meters
  • Hospital Patients Cards
  • Notice boards (Meeting Room)


E-paper Support Electronics E-paper Support Electronics Click here for more information...
We can help to realize these applications by providing:
  • Zigbee® and TCP/IP based wireless network solutions to update contents remotely
  • Timer and Controller boards
  • Picture Generator Boards
  • Hardware and Software reference designs
  • Complete custom solutions (mechanical designs, PCB, Plastic Moulding, Keypads and Touch Overlays and Assembly)
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Part number Size
EG020AS012 2.00 200x96 57x28.8x1.1 SPI
EK014AS014 1.44 128x96 40.512x28.8x1.2 SPI
EM027AS012 2.70 264x176 70.42x45.8x1 SPI
EQ030AS181 3.00 320x240 69.2x60.4x1 SPI
ET044AS013 4.40 400x300 98.5x80.42x1.2 SPI
EW074AS184 7.40 480x800 111x169x1.2 SPI
EZ102AS181 10.20 1280x1024 171.76x218.3x1.2 SPI

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