TFT Diplays Kits

Plug & Play Evaluation Kits for TFTs

The proprietary Plug & Play driver card demonstration platforms are specifically designed to allow users to get up and running with their prototyping process quickly and with minimal fuss.

The kits can support LVDS/TTL interface and panel resolution of up to SXGA(1280X1024) @ 60Hz, and offer interface options of analogue RGB (0.7Vp-p) and digital DVI-D. Composite video input option is also available.

The Driver Card Kits are compatible with various video standards, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM, and come with a video decoder that has a 3D comb filter to produce sharp and vivid images. Also included in the all-inclusive Kit packages are a Digital OSD control with Keypad/IR functionality, inverters/LED drivers, display connectors, backlight connectors, cables and interface boards.

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Kit number Size
Display description Display resolution Interface
TVK-N-24032027-1A0 2.70 DBC-24032027-1A0 240x320
TVK-N-24032035-1A0 3.50 DBC-24032035-1A0 240x320
TVK-N-32024022-1B0 2.20 DBC-32024022-1B0 320x240
TVK-N-32024035-1A0 3.50 DBC-32024035-1A0 320x240
TVK-N-32024057-1B0 5.70 DBC-32024057-1B0 320x240
TVK-N-48027243-1A0 4.30 DBC-48027243-1A0 480x272
TVK-N-64048057-1A0 5.70 DBC-64048057-1A0 640x480
TVK-N-64048065-1B0 6.50 DBC-64048065-1B0 640x480
TVK-T-48027243-1AR 4.30 DBC-48027243-1AR 480x272

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