PMOLED Evaluation Kit – DUO

Densitron Evaluation Kit for Passive Matrix OLEDs

Densitron has developed an easy to use yet powerful development and demonstration tool for driving its range of passive and active matrix OLED displays from the USB port of a PC.

DUO (Densitron USB OLED) kit is hot pluggable and does not require extra cables or power supply to run, allowing users to be up and running in minutes.

The kit consists of an OLED display with transition Board, USB controller card, mini USB cable and a CD with software application and drivers.

USB Controller Card is common for all the available DUO kits. Combination of different OLED displays with Transition boards are offered separately for existing DUO kit customer.

Development kits are available for Alphanumeric OLED displays

2.26″: PDK-N-2C16YW-1A (yellow), PDK-N-2C16WE-1A (white)
2.93″: PDK-N-2C20YW-1A (yellow), PDK-N-2C20WE-1A (white)

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Kit number Size
Display part number Interface
PDK-N-128128FC-6A 1.50 DD-128128FC-6A USB
PDK-N-12832BE-1A 2.23 DD-12832BE-1A USB
PDK-N-12832WE-3A 2.23 DD-12832WE-3A USB
PDK-N-12832YW-1A 2.23 DD-12832YW-1A USB
PDK-N-12864WE-10A 1.30 DD-12864WE-10A USB
PDK-N-12864WE-11A 1.30 DD-12864WE-11A USB
PDK-N-12864WE-4A 0.96 DD-12864WE-4A USB
PDK-N-12864WO-3A 1.54 DD-12864WO-3A USB
PDK-N-12864YO-1A 2.70 DD-12864YO-1A USB
PDK-N-12864YO-3A 1.54 DD-12864YO-3A USB
PDK-N-12864YO-5A 2.70 DD-12864YO-5A USB
PDK-N-12864YO-7A 2.70 DD-12864YO-7A USB
PDK-N-12896FC-3A 1.27 DD-12896FC-3A USB
PDK-N-160128FC-1A 1.45 DD-160128FC-1A USB
PDK-N-160128FC-2B 1.69 DD-160128FC-2B USB
PDK-N-25664BE-3A 3.12 DD-25664BE-3A USB
PDK-N-25664BE-4A 2.80 DD-25664BE-4A USB
PDK-N-25664GE-1A 5.50 DD-25664GE-1A USB
PDK-N-25664WE-1A 3.12 DD-25664WE-1A USB
PDK-N-25664YW-3A 2.80 DD-25664YW-3A USB
PDK-N-25664YW-4A 3.12 DD-25664YW-4A USB
PDK-N-2864BY-3A 0.96 DD-2864BY-3A USB
PDK-N-2C16WE-1A 2.26 DD-2C16WE-1A USB
PDK-N-2C16YW-1A 2.26 DD-2C16YW-1A USB
PDK-N-2C20WE-1A 2.93 DD-2C20WE-1A USB
PDK-N-2C20YW-1A 2.93 DD-2C20YW-1A USB
PDK-N-6448BE-3A 0.66 DD-6448BE-3A USB
PDK-N-9616BE-3A 0.84 DD-9616BE-3A USB
PDK-N-9639BE-4A 0.82 DD-12864WE-10A USB
PDK-N-9639WE-4A 0.82 DD-9639WE-4A USB
PDK-N-9664FC-2A 0.95 DD-9664FC-2A USB

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