Custom LCD Module

This LCD Modules design guide provides you with an invaluable online resource to help specify what you want before commiting your project development costs. It goes on to define the huge variety of combinations which can be achieved in Densitron’s highly flexible production facilities worldwide.
LCD Modules — The display question

We aim to assist the designer with details on the many and varied ways in which Densitron can utilise its LCD Modules expertise to your advantage. This could be as simple as integrating a few key switches to a standard module providing warranty and supplier reduction benefits, to a full customised display solution providing the exact mechanical, electrical and optimum characteristics required for any application.

Injection moulding

Densitron also has full plastic injection moulding facilities to create cost-effective housings for your complete assembly. This is further supported by die-cast, sheet metal and stereo lithography services for prototyping and lower volume production runs.

Your partner in development

Since 1970, Densitron has been providing clever solutions to it’s customers in markets as diverse as industrial, automotive, telecommunications, medical and process control, to name a few. The common theme throughout has been to bring our own knowledge of many engineering disciplines together to give our customers a simple integrated solution to their particular application. Utilising this LCD Modules expertise allows the engineer the maximum amount of time to concentrate on their key competency safe in the knowledge that the user input/output interfacing is taken care of by a single, well qualified LCD Modules Design manufacturing partner.

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