Custom Solutions

Are you looking for custom displays or to turn your design concepts into completed products?

Densitron’s Engineering Design Service (EDS) offers options on customizing displays and integrating standard or custom display modules with PCBs, Plastics, Keypads and/ or Touch Overlays.

For customers who require end-to-end project support, Densitron’s EDS encompasses every aspect of product development and manufacture, including design, prototyping, tooling, production and assembly. Throughout every stage we use the most advanced production technology and work to strict quality control systems.

User Interface design

Densitron recognises the importance of user interface design to the success of a product. Usability is paramount. No matter how impressive the technology is inside the box, it’s the user’s perception of the product that matters. This is governed by the quality of the user interface. Whatever display technology is implemented, whatever input method, be it a keypad or one of many touch screen technologies on offer, we know from experience that from the SW algorithm to the HW design, there should be a common theme: reliability and ease of use.

Housing and Industrial design

From displays, PCBs and plastics to complete User Interface Design, Densitron has got everything covered! Densitron offers a complete plastics design, manufacture and assembly service. Including:

  • Concept development
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Tooling
  • Moulding
  • Secondary processes
  • Spray painting
  • UV coating
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Sub-assembly
Getting it right first time

Densitron’s tooling and production assembly facilities in Taiwan, China and Malaysia are dedicated to delivering a right first time solution. All projects are managed by a local project manager in your region.

Will your organisation benefit from EDS?

Your organisation would find Densitron’s Engineering Design Service beneficial if it is looking to do one or more of the followings:

  • Better manage overheads by outsourcing the product design and/or production tasks to a reliable display solution provider.
  • Increase efficiency of the project management process by using one established, trustworthy supplier.
  • Build long-term relationship with a supportive value-adding supplier.
Getting the most out of an outsourced project with expert project management

Outsourcing often means sacrificing the level of control your company has on product quality and its manufacturing process. Understanding this, at Densitron we ensure that your company stays in control of the whole process through frequent and responsive communications, and being quick to make adjustments based on feedback from you and your customers, facilitating quality control.

Densitron offers a full project management service that can handle a complete project, from concept to production. With its dedicated project management team and a track record in delivering complete products to the satisfaction of customers, Densitron is in a good position to execute engineering design projects professionally.We will even manage your logistics, by tracking long-lead-time components and holding buffer stock where required. In addition, the close and mutually supportive relationships that Densitron has with its suppliers and strategic partners mean that we are able to leverage our purchases and get more value for your budget.

Every organisation’s situation and requirements are different

We recognize that every organisation is unique in its own way and are keen to devise solutions that are tailored specifically to your company’s requirements. To find out if EDS would be a good fit with your company’s strategy and to obtain information on Densitron’s past EDS projects, please click here to email us or call us on +33 (0)251 710 158.

Should you require further information on Densitron’s technical support service? Click here.

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