Densitron Technologies

40th Anniversary of Densitron Technologies — 40 Years of Display Innovation – 1972-2012
For 40 years, Densitron Technologies plc has been a leading global company in the information technology sector.

Our corporate vision remains true to the core beliefs established in the 1970’s :

  • Innovative product design
  • Quality engineering
  • Integrated customized solutions

Today we operate in 35 countries worldwide, providing a focused and unrivalled service for a growing customer mix that seeks individual solutions in the areas of product display technologies such as TFT displays, liquid crystal display, graphic displays, organic led display LCD backlights, touchscreens, etc… We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver an end-to-end service from product conceptualization, design, manufacture and installation, globally.

Densitron Technologies provides Display solutions to major organisations worldwide. It adds value by providing Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical expertise plus Project management and knowledge of the Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturing community. With Sales engineers and Field Application Engineers based in key locations worldwide Densitron is well placed to penetrate this extensive global marketplace.

The Unique Selling Points to the Densitron solution are…
  • Staff with a cumulative experience of over 150 years in Electrical and Mechanical engineering in the area of Displays and all that drives them. So providing the knowledge base to guide the client to the best possible solution.
  • Long standing relationships with the major twisted nematic series Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), OLED and TFT suppliers in Taiwan and China. To best fit the correct supplier to the exact requirements of the customer.
  • The knowledge of the displays market to put together solutions that add value and provide a unique proposition for the client.
  • A professional Sales & Marketing global distribution network that works on sound consultancy sales processes to maximise the sale with the customer.

Densitron has expertise in all the display solutions from Liquid Crystal Modules (LCM) (with Chip on Glass, Chip on Board, Chip on Film to TAB) the exciting new OLED technology and the increasing demand for TFT.