About Densitron France

Densitron France has been established for over 25 years and is one at France’s top specialists in the field of passive LCD’s with a reputation for reliability and quality.

We offer a total solution approach to projects with a thorough understanding of the product development and production environment with experts in custom display solutions who can support you in all stages of your project. Our main office and warehouse are located in Basse-Goulaine near Nantes with offices near Paris.

With the evolution of display technology, we are now in a position to also offer an extensive range of OLED’s and TFT products.We are offering a line of industrial TFT panels that meet the needs of customers through fast response times and a wide viewing angle. Entertainment and broadcast equipment needs are met with these products. The high resolution and high contrast ratio are ideal for instrumentation applications and portable medical/patient monitors. This range of industrial LCD panels is also brighter, rugged enough to operate reliably under severe conditions. They are an innovative solution for POS, ATM terminals and other applications that demand superior monitor performance.

Our expertise with displays means we can offer a complete solution, including interface cards, SBC’s, cable assemblies and touch screens. Being in a position to offer a complete package also has the advantage of providing our customers with highly competitive pricing, and a single source for all display related components. Please take a look at our web site to see our full range of products.

« Our team of engineers and technicians are here to support you throughout the sales process, starting with the selection of best-fit components and continuing into useful lifetime of your product. »

Christophe Desage
General Manager – Densitron France SA